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Handaiyan by Casy Cosmetics


According to Yiwu Rongge Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd the HANDAIYAN trademark is used in the following industries: Incense, essential oils, perfume, dentifrices, animal cosmetics, air fragrance preparations, toilet soap cakes, stain removers, hair wax, massage candles for cosmetic purposes, crushing preparations, cotton wool for cosmetic purposes, oils for cosmetic purposes, facial beauty.

About Handaiyan

 Yiwu International Trade City was established in 1982 and is made up of five major markets. It also has a business area of more than 6.4 million square meters, 75,000 shops, more than 210,000 employees, 210,000 passengers per day, 26 categories, and 2.1 million individual goods, and it sells its products in more than 200 countries and territories. The whole market has easy access to public, logistics, and information.

Yiwu Market, also known as China Commodity City, is the world's largest wholesale market, capable of providing any consumer with appropriate quantities and varieties at a low price. Yiwu International Trade City(Futian Market) is the largest, with 26 major categories and 2.1 million items, including toys, electronics, household goods, watches, sporting goods, and clothing.

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